Mobile Operators

As mobile operators move towards increasingly complex 5G network deployments, managing projects with multiple tools becomes inefficient and fragmented.

Fieldforce provides a platform that enables end-to-end management of all network deployment activities.

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Smart Cities

Smart Cities are urban areas that use IoT Technology to collect data, and use that data to manage assets and resources. Smart City projects are incredibly large, with many networks, subnetworks, multiple network owners to provide coverage for all people.

In such a complex environment, having a centralized hub for management of all network activity is key to ensuring implementation success

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Electric Vehicle Charging Network

EV Charging Networks are racing to meet the demands of a growing electric vehicle market. To support the exponential increase of people driving electric vehicles, deployments must be efficient and cost effective.

Fieldforce enables end-to-end management of all facets of EV Charging networks, from operations through to maintenance.

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OEMs are building and operating increasingly complex networks. With changes in technology, increased demand on resources, and the need to deploy faster and more cost-effectively, OEMs need the right tool to support operations and deployments.

From network design through operations and maintenance, Fieldforce provides a central platform for communication, management, and insight.

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Private Networks

Private networks like university campuses, large offices, or public arenas are becoming increasingly complex. Along with this complexity comes an increased need to manage assets, deployment projects, and operations.

Fieldforce provides private network operators a platform that enables end-to-end management of all private network deployment and operations.

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