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Asset Audit

Fieldforce has built a best-in-class platform to conduct exhaustive inventory audits.

Your field force can use our mobile platform to capture barcodes, asset conditions all using a workflow customized for your business.

You will have instant access to all asset information including serial numbers, pictures and asset condition.

SQL queries are old school!

Bring your asset management to the digital age!

Asset Repository – How many assets do you have deployed in the field? What is the location of a specific asset? Wouldn’t life be wonderful if finding assets was as easy as searching for something on Google? We hear you. We have built an asset management platform where searching for assets is like finding something to buy on Amazon! Easy and intuitive! No sql knowledge required!

Assess the value
of your network

asset movement

Drill down to a
single asset

Work Order Management

With a simple click of a button you can now assign work to your field force. What’s better is that work orders can be configured to your exact needs.

Fieldforce helps you create work orders in line with the processes in your organization. With multiple cycles of approval and effective tracking, you can now be sure that work done in the field meets expectations.

  • Create and assign work orders
  • Keep configurations up to date
  • Track and approve work done
  • To Do List - Fieldforce Operations
    32 To Do
  • Completed Tasks - Fieldforce Operations
    5 Completed
  • Overdue Tasks - Fieldforce Operations
    9 Overdue

Workforce Management

Fieldforce’s Workforce Management System lets you manage both vendors and workforce so you can track the location of your employees.

Fieldforce’s mapping system gives you full visibility of where your workforce is all the time. The tool intelligently assigns tasks to workforce with respect to their skill set and distance from the issue reported in the field.

Open Communication - Workforce Management Open communication between
managers and workforce
Increased Traceability - Workforce Management Increased traceability
Intelligent Assignment - Workforce Management Intelligent assignment of
issues reported

Warehouse Management

Most organizations struggle with managing inventory efficiently. Do you have hard time keeping a track of how and where your inventory is used? With Fieldforce’s Warehouse Management, you can streamline the process.

Fieldforce’s warehouse and inventory management tool allows you thoroughly audit and serialize your assets so you can track them in the field. You can search your inventory using the interactive web-based tools enabling you to fully visualize your assets.

  • Monitor check-ins and checkouts
  • Approve what goes to the field
  • Visualize free space in the warehouse

Document Management

Managing documents is tough. You have a gamut of tools being used across the organization to store everything from site pictures, permits and vendor reports. Fieldforce manages your documents based on your organization and network design. All data related to assets is tagged and saved with the specific asset to ensure record-keeping and easy retrieval.

  • Search through documents
  • Access site design documents
  • Upload revised diagrams

Lease Management

With large areas and several hundred locations to manage in the field, managing rents and leases is a complicated. Fieldforce’s leasing module lets you manage your leases with your sites. You can track payments, update lease information, renew leases in one place.

  • Update lease Information
  • Get instant notifications on expiring leases
  • Manage rent payments

The Advantage

Increased Visibility - Fieldforce

Increase visibility

Improved Efficiency - Fieldforce

Improve efficiency

Asset and People Tracking - Fieldforce

Track movement of
assets and people

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