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Visibility - Fieldforce

Lack of visibility in to how infrastructure is being maintained

Labor and Capital Utilization - Fieldforce

Inefficient capital and labor resource utilization

Meaningful Analytics - Fieldforce

Inability to conduct meaningful analytics

Use Fieldforce to leverage a cutting-edge
solution for maintenance!

Save Money!

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Structured Maintenance Reduction - Fieldforce

Site visits through better,
more structured maintenance!


Spare Consumption Reduction - Fieldforce



Corrective Maintenance Reduction - Fieldforce


Maintenance Activities

Everyone understands that good preventive maintenance helps increase the asset life. But, do you have full visibility over how often your teams meet the preventive maintenance schedule? When were assets last serviced? Which assets are prone to failure? How can you “prevent” problems from happening?

Fieldforce allows you to get full visibility over all details related to maintenance – from online schedule generation to digital workflows and verification of activities. We provide everything you ever wanted to know about maintenance and more!

Maintenance Activities- Fieldforce Ongoing Activities
Maintenance Flowchart - Fieldforce

Corrective Maintenance

Dispatch the right resource to ensure outages are resolved quickly and efficiently. See what went wrong, how long it took to fix it and how can you prevent it from happening again! Fieldforce aggregates all corrective maintenance issues and provides you the ability to quickly assign the right resources based on their location.


In-Progress Corrective Maintenance - Fieldforce In Progress
Pending - Corrective Maintenance | Fieldforce Pending
Fixed - Corrective Maintenance | Fieldforce Fixed

Built with traceability in mind.

Preventive & Corrective
Maintenance Activities

The Fieldforce Mobile coupled with Web Application creates
a powerful duo that makes Maintenance Activities a breeze.

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Activities - Fieldforce


Fieldforce provides the most comprehensive set of features available in the market today for maintenance. Guaranteed!

Mobile Platform - Fieldforce


Your workforce uses our mobile platform to complete all tasks in the field.

Customizable Workflow - Fieldforce


You can customize all workflows based on your exact organizational needs.

Maintenance Duratoin - Fieldforce


View the time taken to complete a maintenance task in the field as teams fix the problem.

Location Tracking - Fieldforce


Unique GPS based offline location tracking you can be sure that maintenance activity is conducted on cell site.

Schedules - Fieldforce


Fieldforce intelligently assigns tasks to your teams and adds them to their schedules. Managers can also manually assign tasks. Fieldforce notifies users of tasks and updates calendars to make sure you never miss a thing.

Feedback - Fieldforce


Managers have the options to provide feedback on Maintenance activities to make sure maintenance is done up to the mark.

Scoring - Fieldforce


Fieldforce’s unique scoring algorithm allows you to compare maintenance activities. Once the score is calculated, they add up to show you your national performance.

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