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Asset Deployment
Made Simple

Managing a large-scale asset deployment is complex. You have to deal with multiple stakeholders, manage your vendors, conduct acceptance and transition assets to operations. To make things worse every team and vendor use their own system for deployment.

We decided to make deployment simple. You can use the Fieldforce platform to create deployment projects, invite stakeholders and vendors to perform their tasks using our mobile platform, conduct site acceptance and keep a consolidated record of all rollout documents.

The number one problem managers have with
extensive rollout projects? Lack of visibility.

Easily Identify Deployment Bottle-necks

Deploying networks is like managing an orchestra – a lot of things have to come together at the right time to make it work. The traditional rollout platforms do not provide management with visibility over issues and the potential impact later down the road.

With Fieldforce, you can easily see how missing one milestone will impact other parts of the project, which issues are causing major delays, and recommendations to prioritize issues by priority.

Create Custom Workflows
and Manage Tasks

The Fieldforce platform is customized based on your specific deployment needs. You choose the deployment tasks you want digitized, we deliver a best-in-class platform to manage your deployment needs. All your sub-contractors and vendors in the field use our intuitive mobile platform to conduct all the deployment activities.

Visualize all your deployment

Deployment managers can assign tasks to sub-contractors which are completed on the mobile platform. You get pictures and full visibility over deployment of assets which can be used to conduct acceptance without physically visiting the site.

Visualize your Deployment - Fieldforce

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