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Customizable metrics and analytics solutions to
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Analytics - Fieldforce


Reporting - Fieldforce


KPI and SLA Management - Fieldforce

KPI and SLA Management

Data Transformation - Fieldforce

Transform your Data

We collect millions of data points during executed workflows and surveys conducted on site. Fieldforce creates powerful data models that turn complex data into actionable insights.

Insights - Fieldforce

Finally, the Insight you need

We believe detail is key. Intelligent insights are a necessity for executives and managers. Fieldforce visualizes data for you through vivid charts and interactive dashboards. Scan over high level analytics and simply drill down to detail ensuring a full view of your organization.

Decision through Data Quality

Decision Quality Data

Plan the next move for your organization. Quickly generate and share interactive reports. Insight into your operational data sources allows you to effectively monitor and improve productivity of both your people and processes.

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that fits your

We speak your language. All your dashboards are customized to your organization.

Customized Dashboards - Fieldforce

Let us help you
help yourself

Powerful metrics derived from Fieldforce
empowers teams to work more efficiently.

Manage internal and external SLAs/KPIs

Track performance of your workforce and vendors through real-time SLAs/KPIs which are updated automatically

Performance Tracking - Fieldforce

to the cloud

All activities are instantly synced to the cloud and are available to users across the organization. Fieldforce ensures data consistency for decision-making.

Analytics across
every device

Use your mobile, tablet or PC to get access to reports and activity details. Our dashboards are designed based on your requirements and ensure you have access to data whenever and wherever you need it.

The world’s leading organizations trust us to dramatically improve their
business performance and stakeholder value.


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