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Analytics Platform

Maintenance is considered boring. People only care about maintenance when something breaks. But, maintenance keeps everything running around us. We decided to transform maintenance. We have built something based on decades of operations and maintenance experience.

Fieldforce is a corner stone for your digital transformation efforts.

Our mission is to make maintenance simpler, easier and cost effective. The Fieldforce platform digitizes all your core maintenance processes and moves your entire operational workforce to a mobile platform. Your management can now get a consolidated view of all maintenance being performed by your internal resources as well as external partners. The result is a highly sophisticated view of infrastructure health which helps reduce costs and prioritize investments.

Meet the Team

First and foremost, we are problem solvers. We are driven by the belief that the current “state of maintenance” is unsustainable. We have built a platform which is equally relevant for field technicians, field managers as well as to the C-suite.

Our global team of industry veterans has deployed and managed networks in six continents. We will partner with you to not only provide a digital platform but help you fundamentally transform your operations. This means reducing your annual operational costs by 10-20%!

The world’s leading organizations trust us to dramatically improve their
business performance and stakeholder value.


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